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I am Nathalie Jamois, a French humanitarian photographer based in Bangkok, specializing in photojournalism, editorial, documentaries, NGOs, events, sports, and commercial photography.
Nathalie Jamois is a versatile freelance French photographer based in Bangkok, focusing on various photography genres such as photojournalism, editorial, events, NGOs, sports, and commercial projects. 

Her work showcases a blend of photojournalism and humanitarian photography, reflecting a deep engagement with social issues and events. 

Nathalie's portfolio highlights her expertise in capturing compelling visual narratives across different subjects and settings. Additionally, she has contributed to Sopa Images and Getty Images, showcasing her professional reach and recognition within the photography industry.  

Her work has been prominently featured in various prestigious publications such as Forbes, Amnesty International, The Guardian, Le Figaro, Rolling Stone, HuffPost, Europa Press, and showcased at exhibitions, including the notable Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT).
Photojournalist at SOPA and Contributor at Getty & Reuters
Photojournalist at MajorityWorld
Official Photographer at Humanitarian Affairs
LINE of Nathalie Jamois freelance French photographer, based in Bangkok, Thailand.






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Nathalie Jamois, a freelance French humanitarian photographer based in Bangkok is seen standing with her camera, in front of the emblem of the United Nations, inside of one of the conference rooms, at the United Nations ESCAP, in Bangkok, Thailand.
United Nations ESCAP, Bangkok 

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